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Put the Present and the Future on the Tip of your Finger!

Have you ever thought of having the whole management of your gas meters delivered to your screen instantly?
With GasCollector this is absolutely possible with upgrated resiliency.
Do you want to predict beforehand your future consumption and learn your consumption trends?
GasForecast is your tool towards predicting and analyzing your consumption trends.


Use our GasCollector module to…

...check your consumption!

Collect Gas consumption data from any type of gas meter regardless of its connectivity protocol. NB-IoT, M2M, Sigfox, LoRa to name a few. No worries, we can serve you.

...rapidly know your gas consumption cost!

This is the center of gravity for us. We transform pulses we receive to consumption. We provide this information on the fly, in real time.


...troubleshoot connectivity problems!

We are expecting millions of gas meters to become smart. This signifies a new era where smart meters under a specific connectivity scenario will upload data and receive over-the-air updates. If anything goes wrong our bulletproof agnostic connectivity identifier will highlight the problem and let you know immediately which network node you should investigate.



At anytime you will predict...

...what you spend!

Get custom time forecasting reports about your consumption, for the following day, week or month. If you are a consumer or a distribution company, forecast and budget immediately for the time to come!

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